At Godset we always aspire to give the best service to the people who come here. Naturally that also applies for disabled persons and persons in wheelchairs.


The best possible access for persons with a disability is to park northeast of Godset and from here there is a long ramp leading up to the main entrance.
When you arrive at the main entrance our volunteers at the door will be of service to you.


In the west-end of the venue you will also find a lift that is operated by our volunteers.

Helpers for the disabled concert guests do not get free access to events arranged by
Rock`In  House and Kolding Jazzklub.


For events arranged by Jazz6000 helpers do get free access.

For other events in general please contact the arranger of the event.


Should you need further information please contact us on phone no. 79 79 10 60 or e-mail.


We hope you will enjoy Godset!



”is it possible to get a chair to sit on to all the events? For instance if you are pregnant or have a walking disability?”

“Under very special circumstances or if a person is in a wheelchair it is possible to be allocated to a seat. If it is a concert
with standing audience only it is not possible to get a seat. Check our website to see if a concert is seated or not.” 






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