LMS - Live Music in School

Levende Musik i Skolen (Live Music in School) is a national competence center for concerts and learning. Their school concerts offer students in Danish schools musical diversity, quality, relevance, and create the lively encounter that can open up for new understandings, unite, educate, inspire, and develop.

The Danish Arts Foundation and a wide range of state-supported music institutions are committed to ensuring that all Danish children experience a good concert at least once a year. Therefore, there is collaboration with schools across the country to reach everyone.

The ambitious national effort has been named "Koncertløftet" (the "Concert Promise"). It is named as such for two reasons:
1. It represents a promise to convey fantastic music experiences to all.
2. Naturally, the concerts give the children a musical lift.

Music creates relationships, community, and closeness, bringing us closer together. Moreover, professional concert experiences within the schools provide inspiration and motivation to utilize the space of music, as they demonstrate how to add an artistic dimension to the learning environment in schools. In this way, they contribute to enriching experiences, expressions, and learning, as well as contributing to increased well-being among the children.

The many partners behind the "Koncertløftet" help ensure the highest quality and that an impressive breadth of musical expressions is presented.


Godset is one of the partners collaborating with Live Music in Schools and participates in hosting school concerts at Godset. LMS concerts typically take place at schools, but occasionally, one or two schools visit to experience a concert in the regular setting.

You can read more about all of it on Levende Musik i Skolens website.