Are you looking for a place where you can play your music? A rehearsal room or maybe just a place where you can meet other musicians?


Then Godset just might be the place for you!


We have 12 state-of-the-art rehearsal rooms with “floating” floors and 5 degrees angling of the walls.

Each room is soundproof and designed according to the room-to-room principle.

Two of the rooms are fully equipped with sound system and instruments, bass, two fender guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboard etc.  


The possibility of renting the rehearsal rooms is an offer for people living in Kolding Municipality and everybody who enjoys playing music,
amateurs as well as professionals, are welcome to rent the rooms.


We can offer three kind of rehearsal rooms:  

1: Rehearsal rooms, equipped:

We have two rooms in this category.
Book your rehearsal room online via a link on this page.

When you register our office will provide you with a password so you are able to book online.

Each room has a sound system, drums, two guitars, bass, keyboard, amplifiers and two microphones.

Remember to bring your own jack/jack cables, guitar straps and drumsticks


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2: Rehearsal rooms, not equipped:

We have eight rooms in this category.

You arrange the rehearsal time with the other bands using the same room.

Each room has a sound system (2 x EV SX-300 + 1 x Dynacord PM-600)


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3: Electronic rehearsal room (Musiclab):

The electronic rehearsal room is now open for booking.

See our brochure here  

Please note that you will need a brief instruction to the Musiclab before you can book it


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