At the venue Godset, we always strive to provide the best service for our guests, including those with disabilities and wheelchair users.

The best option is to park northeast of the venue, from where there is a long ramp leading up to the venue and the entrance door. At the estate, there are two handicap parking spaces in front of the house, one single in the west and one double in the east.

The estate also has a lift at the western end of the building, opposite the venue, which is operated by our volunteers. Upon arrival at the estate, it is always good to catch our volunteers at the door, who will be helpful throughout the evening.

Assistance Arrangement:
There is no free access for disability helpers to events organized by Kolding JazzKlub.

If you have an assistance pass, your helper can accompany you for free to all Jazz6000's events.

Events organized by the association Rock' In House now offer companion tickets upon presentation of a valid assistance pass from Danish Disability Organizations, along with one purchased ticket.
NOTE that companion tickets can only be purchased online as the association does not have ticket sales at the door for concerts.

For other events, please refer to the organizer.

If you need further information, you can contact Godset at phoneno. 79 79 10 60 or via email.

Enjoy your experience!

QUESTION: Can I get a chair to sit on for all events, for example, if I am pregnant?
ANSWER: Concerts with standing areas.

Please note that it is not possible to get a chair to sit on when concerts are announced with standing areas. Folding chairs, festival chairs, or similar items are not allowed.

This also applies if you are permanently or temporarily disabled or for other reasons, such as pregnancy, cannot stand for an entire concert.

If you use a walker, wheelchair, or similar personal aid due to a disability, you are welcome to bring it along.

QUESTION: Who decides if it's a standing or seated concert? 
ANSWER: In most cases, it's the artist's preference.

QUESTION: Is there a handicap toilet? 
ANSWER: Yes, we have a handicap toilet - please ask at the entrance.

QUESTION: Where can I park? 
ANSWER: We recommend parking at the P-House in Toldbodgade. Important Parking Information: The parking lot west of the estate belongs to DSB, and you cannot park there unless you have a train ticket and an accompanying parking permit.