Godset UJNFOR was created during the COVID-19 epidemic, as we wanted to organize some events that could be carried out with certainty. Godset UJNFOR is an outdoor area furnished with old containers, a stage, bars and used furniture. The containers are filled with graffiti, which creates a special atmosphere in the area.

Godset UNJFOR is not only a place used for hosting concerts, but rather a meeting place for Kolding's citizens and outsiders, offering the coolest music in the coolest surroundings.

Godset UNJFOR takes place in the summer, and a number of different events are held over a season, for example:
- KONTUR, a student town festival, which kicks off the academic year with a bang.
- ROCK at the Port, which typically ends season of outside events.
- Concerts of many different genres with everything from jazz to rock.
- Kolding Half, where Godset UJNFOR is an area at the finish line with a bar and food stalls.

The project focuses on sustainability by e.g. recycled furniture, lighting, reusable drinking mugs and waste sorting.

The project is built through a collaboration between Godset, the port of Kolding, associations and the business community.