Currently, we are mostly looking for volunteers who can help us with Load In & Out. A typical shift is from 2 PM to 5 PM where you assist us in loading and unloading the musicians' equipment. The work can be heavy, but much of it is on wheels, and it helps if you are somewhat sturdy.

If you want to be part of our fantastic volunteer corps, sign up at the link below :-)

Become a helper at Godset - About Godset and Rock 'In House The Rock 'In House Association (RIH) is the largest music arranging association at Godset with over 100 concerts per year. Godset is a municipal cultural institution prioritizing rhythmic music and, in addition to excellent facilities for concerts, the house also has practice rooms and association rooms.

The Rock 'In House Association has a number of agreements with Kolding Municipality that allow the board and you as a volunteer to deal with the concert part at Godset.

The goal of the association is to deliver optimal experiences for artists and concertgoers, which is achieved through volunteers who are there because they are passionate about Godset, music, and community.


As a volunteer helper at Godset, you will be volunteering in practice for the Rock' In House (RIH) association, primarily assisting with our concerts. However, as we collaborate with other associations in town, you may also be offered the opportunity to assist with other events such as FOF lectures, Kolding Theater Association performances, MusikKolding events, etc.

We have an average of about 130 active volunteers of all ages (+18 years), industries, and social backgrounds, and we place great emphasis on there being room for everyone.

Community is a big part of being a crew member, and it is important to us that everyone thrives and contributes to both the community and the tasks at hand. Tasks rotate, and you cannot always expect to get what you prefer.

To staff all positions and carry out all events, we need helpers who can man a bar but also help with chair setup, cleanup, fence setup, and assistance with carrying gear. We believe there should be room for differences, and we also have a few positions with special needs considerations, but these are unfortunately limited and will become available as positions open up.


  • Bar
  • Door - ticket sales and ticket scanning
  • Wardrobe
  • Runner - restocking the bar and changing barrels
  • Cater - servicing the band backstage
  • Load in/out - carrying gear in/out, preparing the stage, stage changes, etc. from the artist's arrival to the car being packed again
  • Crowd barrieres- manning the crowd barrier at large concerts

Our expectations of you:

  • You can work at least 4 shifts of up to 8 hours, sometimes more, in half a year, and you are ready to take an extra shift if necessary. (If you do not complete 4 shifts in 6 months, we will have to end the collaboration and give the position to someone else.)
  • You are friendly and approachable, show up on time for your shifts, and have a professional approach.
  • You consider Godset/Rock'in House your place, and you have a sense of responsibility for the place and your colleagues.
  • You follow our rules and guidelines.
  • You are willing to work at the assigned station and help out where you can.
  • You participate in staff events to the extent possible for you; there is a Crewinfo meeting once a year, which is mandatory.

What do you get in return:

  • Community in a good, active, and social environment
  • Great musical experiences with your colleagues
  • Employee party after each season
  • Dinner and lots of fun.
value words

Being a volunteer is not always just for fun, but also a responsibility that requires commitment, willingness, and enthusiasm. Therefore, we naturally have requirements for our team of volunteers. We hold meetings and strive for good communication and development for each individual.

It is important that all volunteers, regardless of backgrounds and beliefs, work towards the same goals. Not everyone can become a volunteer in our support team, as you need to be outgoing, happy to work hard, and have a good relationship with your fellow human beings and, most importantly, the Godset venue.

To achieve this, we have developed a set of common values that we all work from:


  • We show respect for the audience and artists
  • We deliver quality in our shifts
  • We add something extra to the concert experience for the audience


  • We take initiative
  • We make decisions in the moment
  • We handle conflicts as they arise


  • We take care of each other
  • We help each other finish tasks
  • We treat each other with respect
  • We accept each other
Waiting list

Our volunteers have a long history of service, and new volunteers are called upon when others leave. We delete applications that have been inactive for more than 12 months, so if you haven't been contacted, don't despair, feel free to reapply and we may contact you when we need volunteers.

If you'd prefer to volunteer with the jazz association - Jazz6000, you can contact them by clicking on the following link; Jazz6000.dk

You can also become a volunteer at MusikKolding, where you can contact Sabien via the following link; MusikKolding.dk

We look forward to seeing you!

Can you see yourself as a volunteer?