Katinka Band

Vi Lader Bare Som Om Tour '24
  • Thu 21 Nov
    Doors open
    Godset, Kolding
    Standing audience

On stage, Katinka Bjerregaard is an explosively charming, emotionally raw, and captivating frontwoman. Together with the responsive and supportive accompaniment of the remaining band members, she establishes a strong and direct connection to the audience. Attendees of Katinka Band's concerts do not leave unaffected by the powerful performance.

In 2024, the fourth album from Katinka Band will be released, produced in collaboration with Søren Buhl Lassen (Blaue Blume, Guldimund, Brimheim, Lucky Lo, among others). As the first release, the quartet launched the single 'Andensortering' on January 12.

Katinka Band, now consisting of Katinka Bjerregaard (vocals), Simon Ask (guitar), Marie Hageltorn Christiansen (keyboards, vocals), and Torben Guldager (bass), embraces the grand pop song and the liberating choruses. This approach and focus are consciously maintained by the group throughout the upcoming album.

This is evident in the debut single, where the melodic flair is carried by the natural and compelling flow of the instruments' interplay, along with the band's keen sense of composition and arrangement. 'Andensortering' will undoubtedly resonate with the group's large fan base and surely attract new followers.

The musically light and immediate tone is complemented by the lyrics, once again showcasing Katinka Bjerregaard as one of Denmark's sharpest lyricists: “I borrow the vacant nights/Hide the kisses behind your curtain/I'm fine with your leftovers, as long as your second choice is mine.”

The band shares insights about the track: “There was always a certainty that 'Andensortering' could be a pop banger. We also knew that the song should fit into the party bus and be produced in that direction. The song is inspired by Katinka's party days at university with nights out in the Inner City of Copenhagen. In there, roles are played, and significant costumes are put on when encountering each other. It's a situation at a bar where one person is waiting for a chosen one to get so drunk that they can go home together. Both have reached a point where they have gone through different stages and considerations. Who would you prefer: the right person? The role they play? Or just the leftovers? I am a big fan of a songwriter like Jarvis Cocker from the British band Pulp and the way they celebrate the type who just stands in a corner and, in certain cases, settles: 'I don't care if you screw him just as long as you save a piece for me.' And that sometimes it's entirely okay to be someone else's second choice.”