Martin Kanstrup

  • Wed 2 Oct
    Doors open
    Godset, Kolding

Entertainer, troubadour, and minstrel: Several descriptors fit musician and comedian Martin Kanstrup from Thy, who has built his show with references to the humorous legacy of legends like De Nattergale, Allan Olsen, and, of course, Niels Hausgaard.

Martin Kanstrup has firmly established his name on the Danish comedy scene and, with his previous show "Thybo or not Thybo," has delivered sold-out performances across the country.

Now, Martin Kanstrup is ready with his fifth show, "TRÆLS" (Danish slang for annoying).

What does the word 'træls' mean? What is truly annoying?
If you look up the word 'træls' in the Danish dictionary, it says the following: Many find it annoying to prepare a packed lunch... That's a reasonable guess. However, many might argue that there are things in life more annoying than making a packed lunch.

"Personally, I think it's more annoying to bite your tongue hard or to shit your pants than to make a packed lunch, but hey, we're all different."

Kanstrup takes you into a show filled with musical everyday poetry. He engages in a down-to-earth male universe, where he manages to make women laugh at men and men laugh at themselves. You'll experience group singing, funny and warm anecdotes, and quirky songs in the Thy dialect. You embark on a little journey into Kanstrup's life and, most importantly, how his twisted mind experiences the small and large challenges of everyday life.

So forget about diaper changes, AULA, inflation, war, neighbors, and other annoying things, and join Martin Kanstrup for an exhilarating evening that will undoubtedly be anything but annoying.

Martin Kanstrup