Rasmus Walter

Live 2024
  • Fri 25 Oct
    Doors open
    Godset, Kolding
    Standing audience

"Oven På Igen" is the latest single from Rasmus Walter and was released on the streets on 13.10.23. There is a lot more music coming from Rasmus in the near future.

"NYT LYS" and "Brænder Op" were released in 2022 and 2023.

In 2022, Rasmus Walter could look back on 20 years, first with Grand Avenue and now with a successful solo career. This milestone was celebrated in November '22 with a unique Denmark Tour, culminating in the Falkoner Salen—featuring the best songs from a long career and a glimpse of the next twenty years.

Rasmus Walter's focus is on the first 20 years of a career marked by significant commercial success, plenty of hits, and numerous concerts where Rasmus Walter's ability for empathy and presence has always played a central role.

During a break from Grand Avenue and prompted by his twin brother Anders Walter, a series of songs in Danish were quietly recorded for the first time. It didn't take long for it to become clear that a Danish-language solo career was the way forward.

Rasmus Walter is behind major hits such as "Endeløst," "Verden i Stå," "På en dag som i dag," "Dybt vand," "Heart of Stone," and "Lost In The Moment."

"I began to see myself as a solo artist when 'Dybt vand' broke through, and people started writing to me to say that the lyrics had resonated with them. That had never happened before, and the response was so overwhelming that I knew it was a door that shouldn't be closed again," recalls Rasmus Walter. He fondly remembers the opportunity to release a new "debut album" without expectations and pressure at a time when, after enrolling in a program in Rødovre, he had originally started preparing for a life as a cabinetmaker.

These reflections have also led to a desire to mark the last 20 years with a tour, where Rasmus, the band, and friends delve into the back catalog but also provide a taste of the future.

Rasmus Walter