"FED and Little Philip remind me of the time I had a Tequila Bum Bum with a helmet on - it was bloody stupid, but really fun and nice."

FED and Little Philip have had a local comet-like career in the past five years, and on the 11th of April, it culminates at Godset. Manager Martin Røen says:

"At first, I thought: Those boys, they'll never make it here. Can't we move beyond that 'dick and pussy music'?"

But quickly the approach changed, and the manager was fascinated by the boys' spark in their eyes:

"FED and Little Philip remind me of the time when I had a 'Tequila Bum Bum' with a helmet on. It was bloody stupid, but in a way also really fun and nice. I'm really looking forward to their concert at Godset."

From Allotment flirt to "Fedvangeliet"
It all started at a party in a garden in 2019. Philip fell in love with Fed's universe. There was something about his language that sparkled and broke boundaries. Philip saw possibilities in his mind's eye. From that day on, it was the two of them. Fed and Little Philip. A few months later, they played at the school party at Munkensdam and were met with a wave of enthusiasm from 400 young people. The journey had begun:

"Fed made fun of himself. He had good self-irony. His rhymes stuck in your head."

That's how Philip describes the two friends' first meeting. Philip, a year older than Thomas (Fed), had invested his confirmation money in the music production program Logic, bought a sound card, and a professional studio microphone. At boarding school, he geeked out in his room while the others played football. He had suffered a knee injury. Ironically, that became his path into music. A couple of years later, during the first Corona lockdown, their self-taught skills culminated in the EP "Hygge i hovedet" (Coziness in the Head). This was the fusion of the two friends' creative meeting. The songs were thrown out on the free music service Soundcloud, and the journey took off. Their mix of R&B, trap, and 90s rap had reached thousands of plays within the first week:

"It was a lot about the way I used TikTok and Instagram. It was unconventional, and it worked," Fed says, looking back on their first hit "White House Potential."

And it was precisely this uncompromising approach to grabbing the audience's attention that became Fed and Little Philip's thing. During the municipal elections in 2022, they produced ten campaign posters, which hung around the city's lampposts. The posters read: "VOTE GREEN - VOTE FED." Eight of the posters were stolen. They had become a local cult phenomenon.

Ticket Price Halved
In 2023, their first album "Dårlige Manér" (Bad Manners) was released, featuring some of the music you can experience at Godset on May 11th. According to the dynamic duo from Bjert, this will happen with a literal bang:

"Godset will explode," says Philip, and Fed adds: "We're going to tear the place down. At 27B, people were queuing at the door and outside the windows due to lack of space. We headlined at Pitstop - there were over 300 people, and at last summer's Blue Bridge festival, there were tons of fans."

At Godset, the aspiring stars have a live drummer, an electric guitarist, a saxophonist, and a DJ on stage. But there's also a more literal explosion:

"We have several gimmicks and gadgets as gifts for the audience. We've worked a lot on our stage design, and we can reveal that CDs will be handed out, and we'll arrive with a huge CO2 smoke cannon, so there's plenty to look forward to."

When asked what Godset means to them, Fed and Little Philip make it clear that the concert is a milestone in their still young career:

"Godset is the biggest thing you can achieve in Kolding," says Philip, and Fed continues: "The show must seem so professional that it feels like being at a concert at the Royal Arena. The room will be filled with love for the audience when we unite Kolding's youth for a folk festival like never before."


Nice to Know
Fed and Little Philip's second and allegedly more personal album, "Fedvangelism," was released on Sunday, April 26th, and can be heard on your streaming service. The ticket price is 80 DKK. The price was halved at the urging of Fed and Little Philip because they believed that everyone should be able to afford to join in, even if they had to pawn the amount. In other words, EVERYONE is more than welcome to join the party.