Talent development:  Stage performance

Godset continuously works on developing new talents. This includes activities related to career development, live performance, and providing local bands with the opportunity to play support gigs for bigger names. One aspect of talent development is live performance, and that was the focus during the visit from the stage coach in early November.

In November 2023, Godset hosted stage coach Sofie Kallan. She was there to assist two local bands - Mica Lizio, a young upcoming band with a pop-rocket R&B sound, and What's In The Bag, a country/rock band formed by three Danish cowboys - in further developing their performance and stage presence.

Prior to the visit, Sofie and the two bands had already communicated back and forth. Both bands sent videos of their sets to Sofie, which she studied closely and provided feedback on. This initiated the dialogue, and both bands had a good starting point for the actual day.

On the day, there was a schedule for both Mica Lizio, who had their session in the morning, and What's In The Bag, who took the stage in the early afternoon. Each band started with a brief talk with stage coach Sofie and Martin, the venue manager at Godset. They discussed the previous dialogue and the bands had the opportunity to share more about themselves and their thoughts.

After the initial conversation, the spotlight band performed a small showcase set with a handful of selected songs while Sofie analyzed the set and the band's performance.

Following the show, the band had another discussion with Sofie and Martin. This involved a more in-depth conversation about the band's set, songs, and performance. Sofie inquired about the meanings in the songs and what they intended to make people think/feel. Sofie also provided concrete suggestions and ideas on how the band could strengthen and further develop their stage presence with the intention of trying some of these things out afterward. Sofie worked throughout the day with the principle of making the band she was working with even better at their strengths.

Each band selected two to three songs from their set to work on with Sofie in the remaining time. Here, the band went back on stage, where Sofie suggested, directed, and discussed with the band how they could enhance their performance and make the messages in their songs even clearer.

It sounded like both bands were quite happy with the initiatives and some of the tweaks made to their selected songs. The entire day provided both bands with food for thought and a lot of material to work on in the rehearsal room.

All in all, a successful day that we will definitely repeat here at Godset.

Below you can see pictures from the day.