Metalized Tour

feat. Panzerchrist, Trold and Withering Surface
  • Sat 15 Feb
    Doors open
    Godset, Kolding
    Standing audience

Metalized Tour returns in 2025 with a powerful lineup! Get ready to be blown away by Panzerchrist, Trold, and Withering Surface, all of whom have upcoming albums set to release before the concert – Withering Surface in the summer of 2024 and Panzerchrist and Trold in early 2025.

2025 will be the third year of the Metalized tour, which is starting to make a mark in the consciousness of the Danish metal audience. The concept aims to support relevant bands with new releases and spread good metal to Danes during the dark winter months, and it is back with a new lineup. Based on feedback from venues, audiences, technicians, and other stakeholders, the package has been reduced to 3 bands, as 4 bands have proven to be "too much" according to people’s feedback. You speak - we listen.

Therefore, the 2025 program is as follows:
Panzerchrist - Trold - Withering Surface

All three bands will play the same amount of time, so technically, this is a triple-headliner tour. Danish, intense metal for everyone with an entertainment value that is hard to match. All three bands will release new material before the tour kicks off.

Panzerchrist are absolute veterans in their genre, a band well-known to most in Denmark through their classic releases, which have almost achieved cult status in the Danish metal scene. Now with a female growler, the band reaches new heights. Panzerchrist will release their 8th album in January 2025. Perfect timing and MASSIVE focus from the record label.

Trold create a party wherever they go. This has been proven time and again by the countless shows the band has played across the country. People flock to them like moths to a flame, ready for another round of festivities with these delightful Danish metal musicians! Trold will release their 2nd album through Mighty Music in early 2025. This is arguably the most anticipated album in the genre in years.

Withering Surface is undeniably Denmark's oldest and best melodic death metal band, having started back in the 90s when Gothenburg metal began to make waves. The veterans will release their 7th album in the summer of 2024. Several videos have already been released, and a Japan tour is booked. More international shows are currently being booked, and they are also working on festival shows, so Withering Surface will be warming some hearts in the dark winter of 2025.