Skovkoncert med Gustaf Ljunggren og Emil de Waal

Jazz in Marielundskovens deep, quiet calm
  • Fri 9 Aug
    Skovløberhuset i Marielundskoven

The concert in Marielundskoven is Jazz6000's fifth concert under the name Jazz in the Deep, Quiet Peace of the Forest. Previously, major jazz names like Hvalfugl, Bremer/McCoy, Svaneborg Kardyb featuring Jakob Sørensen, and Martin Fabricius Trio have played to full houses at what is arguably Kolding's most beautiful jazz venue.

Imagine this dream scenario: In the midst of Marielundskoven, on the almost floating wooden terrace by the Forester's Lodge, stands the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren and the Danish drummer Emil de Waal. They have been musical playmates for over 25 years and in 2023 released their third duo album "Stockholm Copenhagen". It's a musical bouquet of wildflowers, where each track reveals overwhelming beauty and tranquility. Their music subtly blends the acoustic with the electronic, creating a kind of spherical and floating ambient jazz with great artistic range and rarely heard musical perfection. It's the kind of record you want to listen to again and again, because it's almost unbearable when it stops. With a sense of simple melody, they play dreamy jazz that infiltrates every cell in the listener's body. They simply play picturesque music in harmony with nature, as if it were meant to be played deep in a forest.

Gustaf Ljunggren: Fender Rhodes, synths, and guitars
Emil de Waal: drums

About the duo:
The duo released their third album in July 2023 and have always had integrity and curiosity as crucial factors. They have recorded an evocative album of new music on acoustic, electric, and electronic instruments, which has already touched, shaken, swung, and rocked audiences and is in A-rotation on DR P8 Jazz. Everything was recorded and mixed in New York by Andy Green (Velvet Underground and John Cale).

Other practical information:
The concert takes place in Marielund Forest at the Forester's Lodge (see map).

If the sun is shining, the concert will take place on the newly established and open forest terrace by the Forester's Lodge. If the weather doesn't cooperate, the concert will be held directly in front of the Forester's Lodge. Since the concert takes place in the great outdoors, we recommend that you bring blankets, umbrellas, etc., so you can enjoy the concert regardless of the weather on the day itself.

It is not possible to purchase food or drinks on-site, but you are more than welcome to bring some goodies for yourself. We provide good sounds for the ears.

There are toilets and running water available on-site.

Skovkoncert med Gustaf Ljunggren og Emil de Waal