When Saints Go Machine

  • Fri 1 Nov
    Doors open
    Godset, Kolding
    Standing audience

Experience an explosive combination of electronic magic and intense energy when When Saints Go Machine embarks on a Denmark tour in 2024 that brings them to Godset.

In week 47 (2023) When Saints Go Machine performed a sold-out concert at Den Grå Hal in Copenhagen. In the fall of 2024, they can be experienced live again as they perform in five Danish cities.

The Copenhagen-based trio, When Saints Go Machine, has established itself as one of Denmark's most exciting music groups in the electronic music genre and has gained significant international recognition for their unique sound universe. Earlier this year, the group released the album 'Rosy,' which built upon their established sonic palette that first emerged in 2011 with the album 'Konkylie.' The album 'Rosy' captured When Saints Go Machine's signature energy and emotion, creating what the band describes as "a simple path between the sound and the emotions in the lyrical images."

When Saints Go Machine draws the audience into a unique world with hypnotic beats and futuristic soundscapes. Through their live shows, the group establishes a connection between the stage and the audience, where the music is not just heard but also felt. It's an electronic celebration that leaves a deep impression and reaffirms the band's status as one of Denmark's most exceptional live acts.

When Saints Go Machine