Clinics & Workshops

Godset cooperates with various groups of people about clinics and workshops for users of our rehearsal facilities and for the music audience in Kolding.


Support jobs at the venue

Are you interested in support jobs for a main artist at the venue? contact us via mail

Godset and the arranging associations are keen to create even better possibilities for the rehearsal bands to get support jobs at the venue.
It is mostly up to the main artists and the booking agents to decide who will be supporting, but sometimes we do have influence on who is chosen.


To be considered for a support job you must expect to meet the following requirements:

You must be able to play for a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes.

You are expected to play under the given circumstances; this often means reduced set-up of equipment in front of the main artists equipment

You will not receive any payment or salary; however catering, which typically is food, chips, beers and beverages on agreement, is provided.

The arranger of the event will provide a sound technician.


Are you looking for fellow musicians to play with? Or are you looking to sell your guitar or are you looking for a gig for your band?


Godset/play is an on-line blog for users of our rehearsal facilities and it is a key element of the venue.


This blog provides you with updated information about the musical life in the city including gigs, competitions, contact info and so on.
Claus Høilund runs the blog and you can contact him by
mail or during opening hours of Godset.


Opening hours 
Mon-Wed 09:00-13:00
Thu- 10:00-13:00

Our office is open one night a week between the hours of 19:00-21:00 – Phone no. 30687306

Mobile Demo Studio

Our mobile demo studio is always ready for use and users of our rehearsal facilities can use it free of charge.

The mobile studio offers recording equipment and possibilities for burning your own cd rom. E-mail us if you would like to borrow the mobile demo studio mail



"Jægerstuen" is really like your grannies old living room and that is actually the intention.

In the good old days furniture was built to last and to survive a lot of wear and tear and furniture like that suits this room perfectly. This room is a place for you and your mates to hang out, play some Fussball, read magazines and just chill. There are vending machines with candy, chips, soft drinks, batteries for pedals, earplugs, coffee and hot chocolate. On the info screen you can be updated about coming arrangements.

You find the room between the demo studio and the 12 rehearsal rooms.


You get access to "Jægerstuen" when you register and by using the magnetic card provided by us.  




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