To become a member please register as user.

It is not possible to use the rehearsal rooms until after you have registered as user.


click for online registration


All members of a band must register

Bands are obligated to register new members of the band straight away.

This is to ensure the correct payment.

If you are testing new members (more than once) who might join your band or if you are rehearsing with guest musicians (more than once) you must inform our office about this.


Please remember to check the terms for deregistration before you register – for further information about the terms click here Deregistration

Also please remember to read the rules for using the rehearsal rooms.


How it all works
When we have received the registration from you and all the members of your band we will e-mail you a welcome letter.

The next step is that we meet with you to show you how it all works with booking, access and the use of the rooms.


Magnetic card
The magnetic card is used as a key to enter the rehearsal room.

When our office has received registrations from ALL band members we will hand out a magnetic card to the members who request it. 


We would very much like to know which instrument you play and the reason for this is that if/when there is a workshop/clinic within your choice of instrument we will be able to contact you.


First thing to do 
Because all new bands start rehearsal in one of the fully equipped rooms (room 10 and 12) it is necessary for you to give a 4-digit code where it says “password to the internet”.  All members of the band use this code to book rehearsal times on the website.

Where it says “password to cards” you must enter with your personal code; the same code that is used for the magnetic card you have received from us. Each band member has a personal code.


Rooms with no equipment
If you as a band are interested in rehearsing in one of our rooms with your own equipment please send us an e-mail here


Nice to know