There is only one way to Deregister

To deregister as a user of our rehearsal facilities click here


Deadline for deregistration
You must give 1 month notice when you deregister.

This means you deregister 1 month before you wish to stop; for instance:

If you wish to stop in October you must deregister 1st September at the latest.

In case the deadlines aren´t met we are not able to stop your invoice for the next period.


When we have your deregistration and your macnetic card you will receive a receipt from us.

Right of the room
It is important to remember that you pay for the right to use the room and payment is not depending on
wether you use the room or not. You are always welcome to contact us during opening hours if you have further questions.


Forgot to pay?
If you forget to pay we wil send you 1 reminder.

If the reminder is ignored our clame is being forwarded to SKAT for collection.



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