Eee Gee

  • Thu 22 Feb
    Doors open
    Godset, Kolding
    Standing audience

EEE GEE is the Danish singer-songwriter, Emma Grankvist. Musically, EEE GEE navigates somewhere between the Nordic pop melancholy and the warm Americana that embraces dusty folk elements and country. Two opposites that for inexplicable reasons blend perfectly as soon as Emma opens her mouth.

For eee gee's elegant musical universe is indeed filled with contradictions. Things are rarely as they seem when eee gee sings about everything from self-love to self-pity, and this becomes particularly evident in her songwriting, which constantly balances between solid feel-good melodies and lyrics that delve into the depths of despair.

The stories in her songs appear as individual, honest moments from life as it is lived. While the lyrics reveal a songwriter unafraid to confront her own vulnerability, eee gee's universe is completely different: it's vibrant, humorous, cinematic, and wonderful.

In 2020, eee gee signed with the Australian indie label Future Classic and made her debut in May with the self-love anthem 'Favourite Lover,' which immediately made waves on several major international blogs and became a chart-topper on the P3 list the following week.

eee gee rules on her own planet on her 2nd album SHE-REX.

"It's about setting the stage and tone from the beginning. I'm a hopeless romantic, I fight for love, and sometimes I lose - but I always survive. Rex is Latin for king, so SHE-REX must be a queen, or a female king. And the word also associates with aggressive behavior like a T-Rex, the most feared dinosaur of all, so in that way, SHE-REX becomes a framework that allows me to be vulnerable, romantic, strong, angry, anxious, brave, introverted, expressive - all emotions and facets of me. And I like the idea that 'Winning' is a sports analogy, where with SHE-REX, I move up the royal ranks."

SHE-REX is the 2nd album from Danish singer and songwriter eee gee, who, with her critically acclaimed debut album 'Winning' from February 2022, established herself as one of the new prominent voices in Danish music. SHE-REX starts and ends in outer space, first with the title track 'she-rex,' which paints a picture of an anxious female dinosaur and the total extinction of the planet, and then concludes with 'space anxiety' - a metaphor for eee gee herself, who now, like a small satellite, floats weightless and freely in outer space.

In addition to a narrative about the infinite universe, eee gee also ventures into a more extroverted sound, with room for both danceable uptempo tracks like 'perfect 10,' '(search:) how to heal a friend,' and 'school reunion,' as well as the more expected ballads from eee gee like '(search:) how to break up with a friend,' 'promise to pick up the phone,' and the rocking 'did you ever love someone.'

"I've been less afraid to mix different genres and have dared to explore new areas while continuing to build on many of the themes from 'Winning.' I've been very curious about exploring the possibilities for each song and what the specific song wanted."

At first glance, SHE-REX is what you might call "the difficult second album," especially when fans and media have certain expectations for the singer's second masterpiece within 2 years. However, this wasn't something eee gee focused on during the creation process. Some of the songs were already scribbled in her notebook when 'Winning' was created, and over the past year, Emma Grankvist has experienced a whirlwind of emotions, successes, and setbacks. While her career took off, love came to an abrupt stop. When eee gee wrote the first lines of SHE-REX, she was madly in love, halfway through, she was in a tornado of heartbreak, and now that the album is finished and ready to see the light of day, it's with a newfound calm and self-belief. For now.

SHE-REX continues the sentimental, important, and sometimes humorous story of a young woman's winding path through life crises, heartbreak, and complete megalomania.

Eee Gee