“Where can I buy tickets?”

“You can buy tickets on www.godset.net and at the various places of sale, you will find them   here. If you wish to purchase tickets for a gift you can buy a gift certificate here


”Can i buy tickets at the door?”

“Yes, you can buy tickets at the door except if the event is sold out. To make sure that you get tickets we recommend that you buy them when the presale starts”


”I have regretted buying tickets and I wish to cancel the purchase”

“If you wish to cancel your tickets please contact BuyMyTicket on www.buymyticket.dk . They can help you to sell on your ticket as a second-hand ticket. 5% of BuyMyTickets revenue goes to cancer research”


“I have lost my ticket, what do I do?”

“If you bought your ticket online then you can log on to www.godset.billetten.dk and find your ticket again on your profile. If you bought your ticket at a place of sale we must refer you to http://www.billetten.dk/contact phone no. 70 20 20 96”


“Can I exchange my ticket or get a refund?”

“It is not possible to exchange your ticket or get a refund. If you wish to try and sell your ticket please contact www.buymyticket.dk for further information”


“What does it mean when it says “pt. sold out” in the online shopping basket?”

“When it says “pt. sold out” it means that at the moment it is not possible to buy more tickets. This status might change within a few hours if a customer has not ended his or hers sale, the tickets will be available for sale again. When the concert is sold out the “buy” button will be replaced with a “sold out” button. Should we consequently get available tickets again we post this info on our Facebook page with a direct link to purchase”


“Can I be on a waiting list for available tickets to a sold out concert?”

“We don´t keep waiting lists for sold out concerts. Check our Facebook page for extra tickets to a sold out event. If you choose to “like” us on Facebook you are sure to be notified in case of extra tickets for sale”


The concert/event

“What is the age limitation to your concerts?”

“There is none; however we do recommend that persons under the age of 14 is accompanied by an adult. Alcohol is not served to persons under the age of 18”


“Is it possible to be seated to all the events or to get a chair? For instance if you are pregnant?”

“If it is a standing audience event/concert it is not possible to be seated or get a chair. You are not allowed to bring your own chair to these events. If you are disabled and using a wheelchair and/or other personal aids you are welcome to bring this to the event/concert”


“Who and/or what decides that a concert is to be with a standing audience?”

“Normally it is the request of the artist playing the concert”


“Is it possible for wheelchairs to enter Godset?”

“Yes, that is possible, please look under “Access for the disabled”


“Are there toilet facilities for the disabled?”

“Yes, we do have toilet facilities for the disabled. Please inquire at the entrance”


“Can I park my car in the vicinity of Godset?”

“We refer you to park in the parking house in Toldbodgade.

Please note that the parking places west of Godset belongs to the DSB and parking there is only allowed if you are in possession of a train ticket and a parking permit”


“At what time do the doors open to an event?”

“Please look under the event in question on www.godset.net


“At what time do concerts end?”

“Usually they end around midnight”


“Who decides how loud the music can be played?”

“The artist has a sound technician who decides the level. We do sell earplugs at the bar”


“Who organises the concerts?”

“All the concerts are organised by voluntary associations locally based in Kolding Municipality; among them are Jazz6000 and Rock´In House”


“How many people do you allow to the concerts?”

“Our capacity is up to 700 standing guests and up to 360 seated guests, depending on the setting up of chairs”


“What do you serve in the bar?”

“We serve beers, wine, rum&coke, cider, whisky&coke, gin&tonic, club soda, coffee and tea”


“Can you buy food?”

“No, we don´t sell food, but at some events, for instance events arranged by Kolding Jazzklub, there will be catering”


“Is smoking allowed at Godset?”

“Smoking is not allowed, but smokers are welcome in “the smoker`s compartment” which is placed outside. You can also watch the concert on a screen in the smoker`s compartment”


Godset, the venue

“How does The Café work?”

“In addition to the venue there is a café offering the possibility to host smaller concerts, clinics, workshops etc. The Café can hold up to 75 persons. The Café does not function as a regular café, but is being used as a venue/stage for smaller arrangements”


“Is it possible to hold exhibitions at The Café?”

“Yes, it is. Local artists exhibit their art on the walls and if you are interested in exhibiting your art please contact Jeanette on mail


“What is the “Loftet”?”

“Loftet” is a great room with a lot of soul and ambiance and it can hold up to 150 persons! It is a perfect room for lectures, events and other such arrangements. In addition to “Loftet” there is a conference room called “Råderummet”. Up to 8 persons can be seated in this room and you can make coffee etc.

Contact Jacob Holst, coordinator of arrangements, on phone no. 79 79 10 64 or by e-mail if you want to know more about these facilities”



“What is “Party of the Eighties?”

“One of the persons behind this party is Mette Schumacher, you can contact her on mail


“Where can i find out more about Tango?”

“Please go to the website for Tango for find further information”

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