The venue was established in March 2001 and even back then it helped put Kolding on the map of established scenes for rhythmic music. Godset is a venue that meets all demands that is required of an up-to-date venue.


Godset offers 700 standing or approximately 350 seated audiences and is perfectly suited for both small and intimate concerts as well as the bigger rock events.


Godset has been elected Venue of The Regional three times.

January 2005-2008

January 2009-2012

January 2013-2016


Godset is, together with various associations, working intensely with the musical profile in order to live up to the required demands to regional venues from Det Musikfaglige Udvalg/Kunstrådet.

Apart from the primary activity, which is rhythmic music, the venue is also hosting theatre, lectures etc. 


Who are we?

We are the department of Culture at work so to speak.

Godset employes 4 full time workers and 3 part time workers. We also have an event coordinator from MusikKolding in the house and a trainee event coordinator.


The employees take care of everything from cleaning, maintenance and public relations to maintaining our website, running the rehearsal facilities and co-ordinating functions etc.


We are also privileged to have about 130 volunteers working every weekend with the concerts.


The Corporate Plan

Godset is working dedicated and focused with the Corporate Plan as a toole of management.

4 times a year we valuate the political agreed goals for this area and the goals in the agreement on running a Regional Venue.


The Corporate Plan gives an overall good view on Godset as an institution and is easy to access. It contains the following points:


• Presentation

• Results and status

• Goals/actions

• Visions and wishes

• Exibits and key figures


You will find our updated Corporate Plan 2017 here

If you have any comments or questions please contact us on phone no. 79 79 10 60 or mail godset@kolding.dk



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